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OBS: Recording

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), version: 23.2.1. Be aware that different versions of OBS will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

In order to record, preferences, Scenes, Sources, and Audio must all be properly configured. Refer to  OBS: Configuring PreferencesOBS: Setting Up ScenesOBS: Setting up Sources, and OBS: Setting up Audio for instructions on how to prepare for recording.

Along with program settings, also prepare the content itself:
  • Close out of all unnecessary programs.
  • If recording a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome:
    • Open all the websites to be used in different tabs.
    • Close out of unnecessary tabs.
    • Hide all toolbars, such as Bookmarks and Apps.
  • If recording the entire computer screen, clean-up unnecessary items on the desktop.

To record:
  1. Set up a Scene with the desired Sources, and select it from the Scenes Window.
  2. Add a Source, such as Display or Window Capture, and adjust its properites accordingly.
  3. Configure audio settings in the Mixer.
  4. On the main OBS window, the Preview shows the region that will be recorded. To make sure the Source fits properly:
    1. Click the image within the Preview. A red border will appear.
    2.  Right-click the Preview.
    3. Hover over Transform.
    4. Select Fit to Screen.
  5. If there are any black regions around the selected Source in the Preview, resize the content to fill the entire Preview. For example, resize the browser window thats being recorded.

    Before resizing:
    before resize

    After resizing:

    resizing after
  6. When ready, click Start Recording. The OBS window may need to be minimized or moved to hide it.
  7. When done, click Stop Recording from the OBS window.
The video recording of the screencast will be saved to the Video or Movies folder by default, or in the storage location set in the Preferences.

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