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OBS: Setting up Sources

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), version: 23.2.1. Be aware that different versions of OBS will vary in appearance and functionality. Full Guide: View/Download

Sources include the input and capture devices, such as the computer screen, microphone, webcam, etc. At least one Source needs to be set up in order for OBS to record.

To set up a Source:
  1. Select the desired Scene to use in the Scenes Window (Scene [1] by default).
  2. Click the plus icon to the bottom-left of the Sources Window.
  3. Select an input from the pop-up menu. Two common video Sources for screencasting are:
  • Display Capture (recommended): record the entire computer screen or a window such as a web browser.
  • Window Capture: record a window. On Mac, the mouse cursor will not be shown if this Source is used.
  • In the pop-up that appears, ensure the Create New radio button is selected, and rename the Source if desired.
  • Click OK. A pop-up will appear.
  • Configure the desired properties.
  • Click OK. The Source will appear in the Sources Window.
  • To access the settings of a Source at any time, select it within the Sources Window and click the Properties button, which looks like a gear, to the bottom of the window.

    Display Capture Properties

    Display: If using multiple computer monitors, select the desired monitor from the Display dropdown. If using only one, leave the default setting of 0.

    • None: no part of the screen needs to be cropped. The entire screen will be recorded. 
    • Manual: crop each side of the screen separately.
    • To Window (recommended): crop to a specific window, such as a web browser. When this option is selected, a new drop-down will appear, where the desired window can be selected.
      crop settings
      • If the "To Window" option isn't available, press-and-hold the Alt key while click-and-dragging the corner handles in the preview window to manually crop to the desired area.
    • To Window and Manual: crop a window down to a smaller recording region.

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