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WeVideo: Managing Media

WeVideo, 2021. Be aware that other versions of WeVideo may vary in appearance and functionality.

Importing Media

Before editing can begin, media needs to be imported into WeVideo. Media imported into an Edit will be available across your WeVideo account, including other Edits and Projects.

To import media from your computer: 
  1. Navigate to the My Media tab from the panel to the left.
  2. Click the Import button. A new window will appear.
  3. Click the Browse to select button.
  4. Locate and select the desired media files, and click Open. The files will appear in the Browser.
  • To select multiple files, use the Shift or Command(Mac)/Control(Windows) keys.
To upload media from your phone, use the WeVideo mobile app. Files uploaded to your WeVideo account through the app will be automatically available in the Browser.

To preview media, select the clip and play it in the Preview Window.

Using Stock Media

WeVideo also has a large library of stock media that can be used, including video, photo, and audio clips. Stock media is available in the Videos, Images, and Audio tabs. Enter text into the search field to find media on certain topics.

Adding Media to the Timeline

Video projects are constructed in the Timeline.  The Timeline is organized into tracks for visuals and audio. By default, one text, one video, and one audio track are added to the Edit. Visual clips cannot be added to audio tracks and vice versa. Video and photo clips can go into the text track, but we recommended reserving that track for text clips for organizational purposes. Add media to the Timeline to begin editing.

To preview a clip before bringing it into the Timeline, select it from the Browser and it will automatically play in the preview window to the right.

To add media to the Timeline, click-and-drag a clip from the Browser into the Timeline. Place it in the appropriate track at the desired location.

To add more tracks in the Timeline, click the plus button to the top-left of the Timeline and select Video/Text or Audio.

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