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WeVideo: Editing Audio

WeVideo, 2021. Be aware that different versions of WeVideo will vary in appearance and functionality.

Adjusting Volume

To adjust the volume of an entire audio track, use the slider in the track controls that appear to the far left in the Timeline.

To adjust the volume of an individual clip in the Timeline:
  1. Click to select the desired clip in the Timeline. A pop-up will appear above the clip.
  2. Click the volume/speaker icon from the pop-up.
    • If a hamburger (three line) button appears above the clip, hover over it to display all options.
  3. Use the slider to adjust the volume level.
    button and popup
To create a fade in/out, check the “Fade” box and enter a number of seconds in the two fields to change the timing at the beginning and end of the clip.

To mute an entire audio track, click the three-dot button on the track and select “Mute track” from the pop-up.

Adjusting Volume in Specific Sections (Keyframing)

The audio of your video project should be roughly even throughout so that your audience won’t need to adjust their volume while watching. Oftentimes with recorded video, however, loud parts are mixed with quiet ones, which is a problem that adjusting overall volume will not fix. Or, a background music clip may need to be lowered only for a few sections, such as when dialogue needs to be heard. 

Keyframing is a technique that can be used to add fades and increase/decrease the volume in sections of a clip. A keyframe is like a snapshot of the volume at a single moment; when multiple keyframes are at different volume levels, WeVideo automatically transitions the volume between them. 

To adjust the volume with keyframes:
  1. Click to select the desired clip in the Timeline.
    • If the clip also has video attached to it, click the volume/speaker icon from the pop-up that appears above the clip.
  2. Click the blue volume control line on the clip. A dot, which is a keyframe, will appear.
    • Be sure to single-click directly on the blue line.
  3. Click-and-drag the keyframe to adjust the volume.
    • Move the keyframe up/down to increase/decrease the volume.
    • Move the keyframe left/right to change the timing. The closer keyframes are together, the quicker the transition.
  4. Repeat as desired.
To delete a keyframe, double-click it and it will disappear from the volume control line.

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