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Zoom: Zoombombing & Meeting Security

Zoom web conferencing. Be aware that different versions of Zoom will vary in appearance and functionality.

The term “Zoombombing” refers to the act of unwanted guests joining a Zoom meeting. These guests are uninvited and typically disrupt the meeting with graphic or threatening imagery, messages, or actions. Unfortunately, as distance learning becomes more common, more virtual class sessions through Zoom are being interrupted. Luckily, there are steps that hosts and instructors can take to prevent and stop Zoombombing in their meetings.

Before the Meeting, hosts should consider the following:
  • Top recommendation: Enable the Waiting Room feature. This can be turned on for individual meetings, as well as enabled automatically in user Settings. With a Waiting Room, hosts need to approve anyone that tries to join the meeting.
  • Disable the following options in their user Settings:
    • File transfer
    • Screen sharing for participants (non-hosts)
    • Remote control
    • Annotations for screen sharing
    • The “Join before host” option
  • Require pre-registration. This can be enabled when scheduling the meeting from the Zoom web portal.
  • Share the join link with desired attendees only. Don’t publicly share the link.
  • Assign a co-host that can act as a moderator and be in charge of muting or removing disruptive guests
  • Require a meeting password. Keep in mind that this would require the password to be sent to all attendees in order for them to join. 
For more details about user Settings, see Zoom: Settings and Enabling Features.

During a meeting, hosts can take the following precautions:
  • Mute all participants. Hosts can allow participants to unmute themselves, or they can unmute them when desired.
  • Lock the meeting when all attendees are present. Be aware that people won’t be able to join if this is done, and the meeting will need to be unlocked to allow them in.

If a meeting is Zoombombed, hosts should:
  • Remain calm. Zoombombers are trying to get dramatic reactions out of you.
  • Remove unwanted guests.
  • Lock the meeting. Be aware that people won’t be able to join if this is done, and the meeting will need to be unlocked to allow them in.
  • Deny requests for them to re-join. Join requests will only occur in meetings that have the Waiting Room feature enabled.

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