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Google Sites: Creating Pages

New Google Sites, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Google Sites will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Google Sites at

New sites automatically have a Home page. Additional pages can be added in the Pages tab from the Panel to the right.

Add a New Page

To add a new page:
  1. Navigate to the Pages tab to the right.
  2. Hover over the button marked with a plus icon to the bottom of the Panel. Two options will appear.
  3. Click the New Page option. A pop-up will appear.

    button adding new page to Google Sites

  4. Enter a name for the page (Resume, Portfolio, Contact, etc).
  5. Click Done to confirm. A new page will be created.
When the first new page is created, a Navigation bar will appear at the top of the Header. See Google Sites: Adjusting Site Navigation for more details.

To change page settings, click the three-dot button. Use this menu to change the homepage, duplicate pages, rename pages, add a subpage (explained below), hide them from the navigation bar, and delete. Be aware that deleting a page is permanent. We recommend hiding pages instead of deleting them to prevent inadvertently losing work.


New pages are considered top-level pages. Subpages, which are lower-level pages that appear below main-level pages in the Navigation bar, can be added. Use subpages to organize related material. In the Pages tab, subpages organized below main-level pages under a drop- down menu. Visitors can access subpages with drop-down menus on the sites Navigation bar. In the image below, "Home" and "Page 1" are top-level pages, while "Page 2" is a subpage.

example of what subpages look like

To make an existing page a subpage, click-and-drag it over the top of another page in the Pages panel.

To create a new subpage, click the icon that looks like three stacked dots on an existing page and select Add subpage.

To make a subpage a top-level page, click-and-drag it out of the drop-down.

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