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Google Sites: Inserting Images

New Google Sites, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Google Sites will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Google Sites at

To add an image a page:
  1. Navigate to the Insert tab in the panel to the right.
  2.  Select an option:
  • Upload: Add an image that's stored on the computer.
  • Select: Add an image from a URL link, a Google search, or Google Drive.
  • Proceed through the remaining steps. The image will appear on the page.
  • An options bar with the following settings will appear above the inserted images:
    • Crop: Cut out unwanted parts of the image. Click-and-drag the slider to zoom in/out, and click-and-drag the image to change the placement of it within the frame.
    • Uncrop
    • Link: Converts the image to be a clickable link, such as to a different website.
    • Delete (trashcan)
    • More (three stacked dots): Options include Replace Image, Add Alt Text, and Add Caption.

    Additional image editing options include:
    • Resize: click-and-drag the blue handles that appear along the border of the image.
    • Reposition: click-and-drag the image to a new location on the page. Images can be repositioned horizontally, or vertically to a different page section.

    Alt Text

    Alt Text is used by accessibility software, such as a screen reader, to describe webpages for people with visual impairments. Without Alt Text, the screen reader cant provide details of the image to the user. Add Alt Text to every image and describe the image visually, explicitly, and briefly. For example, the Alt Text for the image below might be: A tall, red-brick building surrounded by foliage. A sign in front is labeled, Pacific Lutheran University, Founded 1890.

    The Readability Adjustment

    When an image is added to a background of a Section or Header, the Readability Adjustment will automatically be applied to it. This adjustment changes the settings of the picture as well as the color of the text on top of it to make the text readable. The Readability Adjustment ensures that viewers of the site will not struggle to read the content. Turn this off by clicking the icon to the bottom right of the area youre editing (not recommended).


    For Portfolios: Consider including a photo of yourself to personalize your portfolio. Any photos used should be professional, include only you, and not show any patients, as doing so would violate HIPAA.

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