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Google Sites: Site Sharing & Visitor Access

New Google Sites, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Google Sites will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Google Sites at

Sites have two versions that can be shared: the Draft, which is the editing side that's accessible by you as the owner, as well as the Published version. After publishing a site, or to add other people as editors, use one of the following methods to provide appropriate access to visitors. For details about publishing, see Google Sites: Publishing a Site.

When sharing sites with instructors, use the link method. Do not use the Share with Others button to send the site to them!

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During publishing, set the appropriate sharing option to ensure visitors will be able to access the site with the link (Anyone at Pacific Lutheran University is recommended). After publishing, send visitors a link for quick and easy access.

To obtain the link, click the Copy Published Site Link to the top of the page. Paste this into the desired delivery method (email, Sakai assignment, etc). If this button is greyed out and un-clickable, ensure the site has been published (required).

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Share the Draft to grant editing permission to other users. Use this method to edit the site across your personal Google accounts, or to work collaboratively with group members.

To share the Draft:
  1. Click the Share with Others button to the top-right. The sharing window will appear.

  2. Under Who has access, click the "Change" link next to "Draft."

  3. Select the desired option in the next window. To share with specific people, select Off - Specific people (recommended for sharing with individual editors).
  4. Click "Save."
  5. Type the desired email addresses in the "Invite people" field.
  6. Click "Done."
The recipient will be notified, the site will be added to their Google Drive, and they will be granted editing permissions.

Sharing settings for published sites can be set during the publishing process (see Google Sites: Publishing a Site ). It is not recommended to share your site with an instructor using the Specific people sharing option. When a site is shared with specific people, it will appear in the recipients Google Drive just as any shared Google App item does. If every student in a class shared their site, the instructors Google Drive would become cluttered very quickly. Instead of sharing the published site with an instructor, send them the link instead (see the Sharing the Site Link section).

To change the access permissions for a published site:
  1. Click the Share with Others button to the top-right. The sharing window will appear.

  2. Under Links," click "Change."
  3. Click the drop-down next to "Published site," and make a selection (Restricted, Pacific Lutheran University, Public, Remove Link).
  • Restricted: share with specific people.
  • Pacific Lutheran University (recommended): the site will only be accessible by PLU members.
  • Public: anyone on the web will be able to visit the site.
  • Remove Link: no one will be able to visit the site, even with the link.
  • Click "Done."

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