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Google Sites: Applying a Layout

New Google Sites, 2021. Be aware that different versions of Google Sites will vary in appearance and functionality. Access Google Sites at

Layouts are pre-constructed designs that can be added to the body of a page for quick and easy customization, such as to add images and text in interesting ways. Elements are added to Layouts after theyve been inserted into a page. Each Layout has different options.

To add a layout:
  1. Navigate to the Insert tab to the right.
  2. Select an option under Layouts. A new section for the Layout will appear in the body.
    screenshot of layouts
  3. Click the empty elements of the Layout to add elements. For example, click + to add images, and type text into the Click to edit text fields.

    before and after using layouts
To adjust an image, click on it twice in the Layout. Don't double-click too quickly. Options will appear in a pop-up above the image.

To adjust text formatting, click within the text box in the Layout. Options will appear in a pop-up above the text.

Adjusting Layouts

Elements in a Layout are grouped together. For example, the image to the right is a Layout with two groups, each of which has three elements: an image, and two text boxes. Each element in a group can be adjusted individually, and the group itself can be adjusted as a whole. A group must be properly selected in order to adjust all of the elements together.
grouping of layout elements
To select a group, hover over it and click when a blue outline appears.

To move a group, select it and then click-and-drag it to a new location.

To resize a group, select it and then click-and-drag one of the blue handles. 

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