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Google Sites: Information

Google Sites is a free, user-friendly website creator that doesn’t require advanced web design skills to use. Google Sites is a great resource for building professional portfolios.

Description: Free website builder.

Usage: Create basic websites and portfolios.

Available locations: Any web browser
Access: Free with PLU ePass at

Help: Contact (253) 535-7525, email, or visit the Help Desk in Mortvedt Library.
Google Sites is a free, user-friendly website creator that doesn’t require advanced web design skills to use. Google Sites is a great resource for building professional portfolios.

Watch the Workshop Now: Google Sites & Nursing Portfolio Workshop 2023

Pre-Workshop Required Resource List (Read for Extra Resources!)

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this resource list and practice working with Google Sites in preparation for a workshop.

WORKSHOP SCREENCAST: Google Sites & Nursing Portfolio Workshop 2023

Please watch the above video and come to the workshop with questions ready!

PLU Knowledge Base Guide & Tutorials: Google Sites: Information

  • The PLU Knowledge Base Guide is a collection of short tutorials on basic functions of Google Sites, leading to the creation of a website. This guide is the webpage form of the basics covered in our workshop from the past.

Google’s Official Guide: How to use Google Sites - Sites Help

  • Google provides a comprehensive how-to guide on their help section, that offers a step-by-step guide for the whole page creation process.

Example Nursing Portfolios

Canva: Learn Website Color Schemes

  • Quick guide for choosing a effective, creative, and professional website color palette.

How to use Google Sites - Tutorial for Beginners

  • This video can help clear up anything that the previous two guides didn’t fully explain. It goes into more detail about page functions than our PLU Knowledge Base Guide does as well.

How to do More with Google Sites and use Advanced embed features!

  • This video is for more advanced users who want to experiment with interesting website features that use pre-created HTML code. This tutorial does not require HTML training! It simply guides you through copy and pasting lines of text into a pre-created HTML code.

    • Embed slideshows or carousels

    • Cards 

    • Foldables

    • Collapsibles & more!



Use the web browsers Chrome or Firefox to create and edit a Google Site. Other web browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Safari, may not work. If creating a new site isn't an option at, be sure to use a compatible web browser. Some mobile devices aren't compatible with Google Sites, either. All site visitors, regardless of their web browser or device, will be able to access the site after it have been published. 

New Features & Changes from Classic Google Sites

Listed below are a few major differences between Classic and New Google Sites:
  • Sharing: Sites can be shared for collaboration.
  • Saving: In Classic, changes needed to be saved manually with the SAVE button. In New, changes are saved automatically.
  • Publishing: Classic sites were always live sites, in which saved changes would be automatically reflected. New Sites need to be published in order for other users to access them.
  • The Readability Adjustment: This feature was added in New Sites to aid in readability and applies to background images.
  • Mobile Compatibility: built-in mobile compatibility allows creators to preview the way their site will look on mobile devices.

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